We Are Songwriters


Our Next Event: 4 March @ Asbos Teater. R80, 20:00 Facebook Event  ONline Tickets  Book at Asbos Teater

2016 is a year for experimenting. We Are Songwriters, our intimate, interactive Songwriting Showcase at our favorite little Theatre, Asbos Teater, will continue this year. And we are trying something different. In the past, we would have one Songwriter at a time on stage, sharing their Stories and Songs with us. This year we will have 3 Songwriters on stage at the same time. Diverse, different in style and message, sometimes unknown to each other, at times not, maybe even friends. Together on stage, connecting, and spinning a thread of Songs and Storytelling .

We have heard Songs and Stories from the following Artists at WE Are Songwriters ; Marcia Moon, Gaellou Greenwood, Akbert de Vos, Greg Georgiades, 1 am, Bacchus Nel, Adriaan Smokestack Lightning Miller, Natalie Chapman, Dx Butler, Belinda van Zwijndrecht, Azurdee Castello (Blue River Band), Andre van Rensburg (Battery 9, Dooie Diere) Franco Prinsloo, Dikelo, Nick du Preez, Lienkie Vink, Jay Schoeman, Maria Magdelena, Ami (Margaret’s Daughter), Natalie Chapman, Lionel Bastos, Kathy Raven, Lancedown, Corrazerwas, Simba, Yaki Naude (Empire of Desire), Kabaal Klankbaan, Brendan De Kock, Ulrich Fobian, Julian Schnehage, Johan Jack Smith (Volkspeler), Greg Gorgiades, Keira Witherkay, Marica, Wiekie Vega, Brixton Barnard, Adelle Nqeto, Rowan Stuart, Wendy Oldfield, Lionel Bastos, Jaco Mans, Hughes Rhythm and many more talented Troubadours.